Making sense of the world, bit by bit.

Zachary R. Kitt uses computers to help inform decision making. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his master's degree from Yale. He is currently a machine learning engineer at S&P Global's national security division.

Written Work

Using Neural Networks to Identify Hate Speech
12/01/18 - I built a hate speech classifier using a convolutional neural network and word embeddings trained on Twitter data. At 90% accuracy, my model performs as well as other models suggested within the literature, without requiring any feature engineering.
Examining Oxnard's Storefronts with QGIS
11/04/18 - Visualizing the economic development and quality of life for Oxnard, CA using the Storefront Index and QGIS. Includes instructions for others wanting to perform similar analysis on their home towns.
The (Unchanging) Statistics of Deadly Quarrels
08/22/17 - An introduction to Lewis Fry Richardson and his work on deadly quarrels. I also use statistical analysis to verify that his findings remain relevant to modern conflict.
Czech-American Relations: Maturing Together
08/09/15 - A small opinion piece written for Mezinárodní Politika that considers whether or not Czech-American relations have worsened since the Velvet Revolution.