Hello, Ventura County Neighbors!

You’re probably seeing this page because you clicked on an advertisement I purchased on Google. I was tired of seeing Aera Energy (owned by Shell and ExxonMobil) and Chevron sponsor misleading ads at the top of my search pages, so I bought some ad space of my own. I hope you’ll take a moment to read what I have to say and consider a Yes vote for Measures A and B.

  • Measures A and B close a loophole that allow some oil companies in the County to operate as though we’re still living in the 1920s, due to poorly written permits from that time period that give drillers the option to drill wherever, whenever, and however they want. We’ve learned so much about the world since these permits were written: how to harness nuclear energy, how to reach the moon and beyond, and how certain industrial activities can endanger all of us. Measures A and B bring all future drilling operations in line with the health and safety lessons learned over the past century.
  • Measures A and B protect our precious water supply. Drillers can use their outdated permits to put wells wherever they want without environmental review. If they accidentally contaminate our water supply in the process, the damage is irreversible. This jeopardizes the water that enters our homes as well as our County’s critical agricultural sector. Measures A and B ensure that all future wells are subject to the same environmental reviews before it’s too late.
  • Measures A and B encourage healthy competition. There are currently two types of companies working within our County. There are companies that act responsibly and meet regulations (making up about 20% of wells) and then there are companies that use loopholes to avoid regulations (making up about 80% of wells). Removing preferential treatment will create an even playing field and encourage healthy competition.
  • Measures A and B will not affect energy prices. Our County produces just one tenth of 1% of our nation’s oil. For every 999 barrels produced by the rest of the country, Ventura County produces 1 barrel. If all of our County’s wells stopped producing oil tomorrow, the decrease in total production would not be enough to have any measurable impact on our gas prices. But existing wells will not be affected in any way, because Measures A and B simply provide local oversight on future drilling operations.
  • Measures A and B will not increase our dependence on foreign oil. The US reached energy independence in 2020, meaning it produces as much oil as it consumes. Nevertheless, our nation will always import oil in times of peace due to the nature of international trade, and most of what we do import is produced in Canada and Mexico. If the preservation of outdated drilling permits in Ventura County was a matter of national security, as some bad-faith actors claim, our political and military leadership would already be involved (for example by sanctioning the hostile country), rather than leave the issue up to a county-level election.

Aera Energy and Chevron are spending millions of dollars to lie to us about political “power grabs” and “national security” risks, because they don’t know anything about us or our priorities. The people running these companies don’t live here. They don’t really care about the health of our fellow residents or the land we live on. They care about money—the same money they’re using to buy ads on Google, to send flyer after flyer to our mailboxes, to distribute expensive signs about “energy shutdowns,” and to produce slick videos featuring self-described experts. They lie to us is our own homes and then tell us to believe they have our best interests in mind when they drill into our land. I beg you, dear neighbor, to Vote Yes on Measures A and B, in the true interests of those who call Ventura County home.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. If you want to join the cause, please consider donating to https://vcsafe.org/. (I am not affiliated with this organization, but I support their work.)